This Guy Is Suing A Tinder Hookup Who Gave Him Herpes

This Guy Is Suing A Tinder Hookup Who Gave Him Herpes 1

Don’t get herpes from your Tinder hookup — or you’ll have to sue. At least, that’s how this guy played it. A Las Vegas man is suing a woman he met on Tinder for giving him genital herpes. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the man named in court documents as John Doe met the woman, a movie producer from Beverly Hills, on Tinder on February 4. She told him she’d lied about having genital herpes, which she had contracted from her ex-husband more than 20 years earlier. Tinder and similar sites have come under fire in recent months from public health officials in several states who have linked a notable rise in sexually transmitted diseases and high-risk behaviors that include using social media to arrange casual and often anonymous sexual encounters.

This Guy Is Suing A Tinder Hookup Who Gave Him Herpes 2A Las Vegas man has filed a lawsuit against a woman he met on Tinder after she allegedly gave him genital herpes. But one woman woke up with more than a sore head when her date sued her for allegedly giving him herpes. Las Vegas man sues Tinder date for genital herpes. The man, who has been listed as John Doe in court papers, has sued a Hollywood producer he met on Tinder who allegedly gave him genital herpes. Hook up and dating applications like Tinder and Grindr have been blamed for the increase in STIs over the past few years.

This guy is suing a Tinder hookup who gave him herpes. Ouch for everyone. TINDER: The man contracted herpes from his Tinder date This is what happened to one woman after she was sued for giving her hook-up herpes. A Las Vegas man looking for a hit-it and quit-it hookup on Tinder instead contracted genital herpes from a girl he matched with on the hookup app and is now taking her to court.

Tinder Hookup Ends In Herpes Transmission: Man Looks To Sue Woman He Met On Dating App Over STD

Las Vegas man sues his Tinder hookup after contracting genital herpes. Las Vegas Man Sues Tinder Match, Claims She Gave Him Herpes. Reynolds was asked about the suit by News3LV because his group had put a billboard in Vegas that suggested Tinder hookups could lead to STDs. A guy said that a woman he met on Tinder basically tricked him into not having safe sex and gave him herpes and now he wants thousands of dollars!. A Las Vegas man is suing a woman he hooked up with through Tinder, after she lied to him about being STD-free and ended up giving him genital herpes. A Las Vegas man looked for love and found it briefly, meeting a minor Hollywood producer online. The man, identified in Clark County District Court papers only as John Doe, said he met the producer through the controversial dating app Tinder and their hookup left him with genital herpes. Tinder’s boring conversations and clumsy hookups are unbearable without a drink as social lubricant. Tinder may also be a digital stomping ground for married men, judging by GWI’s claim that 62 of its users are male and 38 female. Tinder’s statement did not address the marital status of its users, although it is difficult to see how it would have accurate figures even if it asked them when signing up. 7 May 2015 4:33. 1 2. Genital warts! Herpes! Spread the word!

This Guy Is Suing A Tinder Hookup Who Gave Him Herpes. Ouch For Everyone

A new dating app has launched, describing itself as ‘Tinder for Herpes Singles only’. Been Herpes is just like been through hell; well special thanks to God almighty for using DR. Sometimes the aftereffects of an encounter arranged on a hookup app last longer than the walk of shame. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported December 1 that a local man is suing a California woman he met on Tinder, alleging he contracted genital herpes as a result of their relations and accusing her of fraudulent misrepresentation, battery, constructive fraud, willful misconduct, gross negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. I wouldn’t hand my keys to somebody then try to sue them for wrecking the car. You may not have a life, but you do have plenty of.