The XR6 Turbo Can Throw Down Better Than Any Holden Commodore SS Or HSV

The XR6 Turbo can throw down better than any Holden Commodore SS or HSV 1

Ford BA Falcon XR6T v Holden VY Commodore SS. Ford’s original S-XR6 did a fine job of making its XR8 stablemate look a bit girly back in ’91, but then it wasn’t quite man enough to embarrass HSV’s VP Clubsport, and it neglected to set any new benchmarks. You can throw the SS around with confidence because it encourages you to do so, and its brakes are bloody good, too, refusing to fade after several 185km/h stops, and offering unyielding force on the road. It feels quicker, more effortless, and more polished than the SS, and with its instant torque, the Falcon has grin-inducing thrust out of corners. Ford Falcon XR8 vs Holden VFII SS V Redline. And I don’t want to hear any griping about how either Ford or Holden have already taken their bats and balls and gone home, leaving us with leftovers to carry us through to our date with destiny. In the red corner, the Commodore SS has picked up a few visual changes, some new gearing, suspension and brake tweaks and the piece de resistance: the 6.2-litre LS3 V8 nicked from the storage cage over at HSV. Not only does the Commodore have more feedback and a better quality of it at that, it’s also a more natural steerer. In the past we’ve conducted other Holden vs Ford comparos, but none have been quite as anticipated as this one. It can even make the Falcon XR6 Turbo understeer a bit. With traction off it’s much more ebullient through corners, and generally speaking it’s lighter front end makes it easier to throw into corners without the front outside wheel pushing wide.

The XR6 Turbo can throw down better than any Holden Commodore SS or HSV 2Xr6 Turbo Vs V8 Ss Commodore – anyone got any links? Just with a basic tune you can get 100 more hp. SS Commodore all the way. I have been a Holden man my whole life bit the XR6T was easily faster than the SS and couldnt walk away from the Turbo. Drive both, pick what you like, some people are V8 people, some are turbo, pick the one that makes you happy, and the end of the day it your dough your throwing down. The XR6 Turbo can throw down better than any Holden Commodore SS or HSV. A XR6 Turbo is 240Kw’s it will NOT keep up with a new HSV 297Kw’s, Even a new SS Commodore 250Kw’s (Monaro gets 260Kw’s) will just out run it in a straight line. I can only comment on G8 ute Vs XR6T ute (both bog-stock autos) Falcon: Pros: bigger tray, great gearbox, nicer braking feel, better turn-in, goes way harder. Other than traction control and ABs, the ford has no driver aids, the traction control is useless, can have bellowing smoke with or without it:D Oh, it does have launch control which actually does work well, used it. AS a break down road service I see a lot more SS Holden’s then fords broken down but neither are too bad.

From either side of the trenches the two 5.0-litre engines threw grenades until Holden used Yank weaponry in 1999 with the 220kW 5. Philosophically the VF Commodore and FG X Falcon could not be any more different. The Skinny: Planting the 6.2 litre LS3 engine in the Commodore SS and SSV has transformed the performance. The ride and handling is also matched better to Australian roads than any imported competitor. Ford Falcon XR6T versus Holden Commodore SSV. 45,490 or just 41,990 if you can go without some of the fancy fruit and pick the SS. For those with deeper pockets, there’s the HSV-lite SSV Redline at 51,490. Spend too many launches perfecting your getaway and the engine gets warm and fails to really punch the Falcon down the strip.

Xr6 Turbo Vs V8 Ss Commodore

The XR6 Turbo can throw down better than any Holden Commodore SS or HSV 32-litre V8 brings with it a snarl and bark no Holden has come close to for more than a decade. Even better is that the SS-V Redline does not drone or boom when cruising. HSV GTS GEN-F2 v Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint v Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint Strip and dyno shootout Heathcote, Vic. Just for reference, the HSV ClubSport R8 LSA and Holden Commodore SS-V Redline we also tested on the same day at Heathcote were both slower than the GTS and XR6, confirming the GTS if anyone had any doubt is indeed the quickest GM vehicle available in Australia. That’s also more power than the 350kW we saw at the rear wheels of the limited-edition FPV GT F 351 in 2014, when it out-powered the 340kW GTS. Unlike the regular red rocker cover of XR6 Turbos or the blue of the old F6, the Sprint gets the black finish last used on the Territory Turbo. They were also tested locally against key rivals like the Commodore SS-V Redline and even the kilowatt-king HSV GTS. It feels lighter and better defined in its operation than the same unit in the current Holden and HSV V8s, and is actually quite sweet to drive once you acclimatise to the spring-loading that’s still heavier than the norm. They also say that the XR8 manual will ultimately be a smidge faster in the right hands and under the right conditions, but the XR6 will be faster in unskilled hands. Just keep in mind that you can’t really compare the SS to an XR6T. Primarily is the commodore power rating doesnt take into account rotational weight of the front wheels whereas the awkw does. It will be done by a local performance shop and if your engine throws a leg out I guarantee you Holden wont pay for a thing and the performance shop will blame driver abuse or similar. I am interested in buying a VE Holden Commodore SV6 or alternatively a VE Holden Commodore SS. It will also use more fuel than your previous cars but will be a heap more fun. So yeah, the only other alternative to the SV6 or the SS is possibly the XR6, XR6T or the XR8. Especially because they are RWD cars that throw a lot of power down. Well my brothers, my step father and I test drove an XR6 Turbo today. My stepfather is a Ford bloike, but he had to admit that the HSV was a better drive than the XR6 Turbo. A F6 would be a fair Clubby competitor if you can find one to test I guess is the issue. I haven’t driven a LS2 Commodore, but have driven a VZ SS M6, and a Mk 1 5 speed Falcon XR6T.

Ford Falcon Xr8 V Holden Commodore Ss

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo By Feann Torr & Chris Shumack – 5/Apr/2007 The burning question for the Ford and Holden faithful. In the past we’ve conducted other Holden vs Ford comparos, but none have been quite as anticipated as this one. With traction off it’s much more ebullient through corners, and generally speaking it’s lighter front end makes it easier to throw into corners without the front outside wheel pushing wide. It holds gears for engine braking and shifts down if a lower gear can deliver more power, and the surely if ZF is still selling them to Audi and BMW to put behind V10 powerplants then something’s going very right. Road Test: HSV Senator vs. Yep, as you’ve probably heard, Holden Australia is closing down local manufacturing of its vehicles by 2017. This means there will be no more Commodore. To cap it off, Holden will also service your car for free at any of its dealers until 2020. Gently around suburban streets, and the steering is well weighted and composed but take it to the limit on a track, or throw it down a winding road, and the XR8 will arc up and chuck out it’s 335kW of power in a flurry of growls and cracks to give big fun. 0L inline-six engine fuelled either by petrol or LPG, but you can have a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine as a no-cost option on Falcon and G6E models. And of course, the halo engine is the Coyote V8 which is exclusive to the XR8, and actually puts out more raw power than the similarly 5.0L V8-engined Mustang GT.

Hmmm Holden vs Ford absolutely NO contest Holden wins every time! If anything look at XR6T’s. Defo the VY SS, but after a few beers the BA XR8 looks good. Whet he said, The SS wins hands down as far as V8’s go, but my pick would still be the turbo with a t56 manual. The Typhoon is a 270kw upmarket version of the XR6 Turbo. I think that Muscle cars like those should easily throw down mid 13’s. Winton lap times: FPV GT 1:45.57, Holden Commodore SS 1:45.5. RX – 3yrs, XR6T – 2.5yrs, 6MPS nearly 2 years, Heritage – 7 months so far! I agree, but that means finding something I really like. A 3.0L Liberty barely does any better. The V6 in the Holden is crap, so the V8 is the only option. Only the SSV Welly and SWMBO must drive our harder than you:9wink:. And still the factory is pumping out more SS & HSV units as we speak:rolleyes:. I think it’s a fair call to say that Holden Lova’s 420kw Falcon runs nines – 12. Xr6t, bags me out for what was just a bit of a test run. This thread is funny but I can’t help but think there is more than one person posting under that tards user name. Don’t own a vy ss ute that runs 11.8 116. The falcon will probably look better proportioned than Mustang but it will come at a cost of being more conservatively styled. Top Gear Australia magazine claim in their new issue that the XR8 will have 375kw courtesy of a ‘transient over boost’ which gives it an extra 40kw for short bursts, also that it will have xr6 spec interior to keep costs down as they claim it will be targeting the SS. And its RWD!!!! I’m giving Ford as much of a go as I can, Mid Feb I have to make a decision, lease is up, I either dump the FG and update to a 300 or Commodore or pay out the FG and tread water till FH is released. Norm one of my bro inlaws has had a number of hipo cars over the years incl a heavily modded XR6T to FPV 335’s to driving many friends hsv’s to M3’s GTR’s etcetc.

In A Motor Mag They Had The 300kw HSV GTS Commodore Vs A BMW M5 And A Merc

In a motor mag they had the 300kw HSV GTS Commodore vs a BMW M5 and a merc. and the holden did well. and they said the HSV GTS Commodore got a 8:40 on a outlap. BMW M5 vs Holden HSV GTS R 300 Car Comparisons Car Forums. I had made a similiar thread somewhere else, but I go for the HSV, it is much much cheaper. Mercedes (I hate them tho, but it’s an amazing machine) E55 AMG with supercharged motor (yes, the same as in the new SL55) with 465 hp Audi RS6 with 6 speed, quattro 4WD drivetrain and a 4. Apart from the Monaro GTS, are there currently any 300Kw HSV’s on sale? It has four doors, a 402-hp V-8, a six-speed manual cog box, rear drive, and independently sprung wheels at all the corners. Yes, the Caddy they can’t give away.

In a motor mag they had the 300kw HSV GTS Commodore vs a BMW M5 and a merc 2During the fallout in the days that followed, while Holden’s underwear was being waved around so publicly, the mainstream media ignored HSV, the Victorian skunkworks whose business has, for 26 years, been built off locally-produced donor cars now set for the chop in 2017. HSV has long claimed to produce world-class competition for the German benchmarks and, while there’s certainly a long history of offering exceptional performance and value, the Clayton concern has perhaps brashly claimed to be equal on pure merit, sticker price notwithstanding. The GTS’s 1880kg puts it on par with rivals E63 S (1795kg) and M5 (1870kg), XFR-S (1875kg) and RS6 (1935kg). Car makers crept tentatively towards the 300kW mark as though it was some impenetrable barrier of social acceptability, edging ever closer for half a decade, but never breaking through. Now Mercedes-Benz, true to form, has comprehensively blown away that established yardstick. We’ve driven the new Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) range both on road and on track. And we’ve compared the performance flagship of the new GEN-F range, the barnstorming GTS, against its natural rival, the FPV GT R-SPEC. And Jaguar, despite some minor tweaks along the way, has let the XFR age gracefully. It arrives with an adaptive dynamics program, dual-mode eight-speed transmission and menacing 5.0-litre supercharged engine, but it can’t quite match the technological wizardry, or assertive cubic capacity of its Australian-built antagonist, the HSV Senator Signature. (Read the latest mag test of GTS vs Merc, or Senator vs Audi.

In 2000, Motor magazine in Australia wanted to test the new E39 BMW M5 against the AMG E55 Mercedes. They took along a GTS to the Nurburging as a test mule and camera car. Anders Olafsson, Danish rally and Euro touring car ace along with Australian V8 Supercar Champion Mark Skaife were on hand to assist with high speed driving. HSV has never admitted it before, but we’re here to tell you the GTS has a speed limiter. Every ounce of its performance envelope is accessible and it delivers its 300kw in completely unpretentious fashion. CAR AND DRIVER: Holden HSV GTS R 300 versus BMW M5. In the latest Wheels magazine they have a road test called Enemy at the gate. The HSV GTS Coupe steps into the ring to challenge the R34 GTR N1. Sodium-filled valves – I know the ’84 Volvo 760 Turbo had them, so they’re older than that. I see the HSV GTS as a Holden that narrows the gap to the more expensive European luxury touring cars like the BMW M5 and Merc C32 AMG. And I think the GTS is far from a famley car,its a 2 door with 300kw and huge wheels with everything else that makes it sporty. Has anyone tryed to get young kids or babys into a 2 door at night,its not easy! I think the new Monaro and the new HSV Coupes look awsome,some other’s do and some others dont. A Salute To The VT-VZ Holden Commodore (1997-2006) By Australian GMI Member BBDOS CV8 7 October 2007 1997 VT Holden Calais To many people, the most.

Ultimate V8s: M5 Vs E63 S Vs Xfr-s Vs Rs6 Vs Gts

In a motor mag they had the 300kw HSV GTS Commodore vs a BMW M5 and a merc 3With these figures, the W427 is well and truly a competitor for the Audi RS6, BMW M5 and Mercedes C63 AMG although this time the price tag does match. I dont like many holden cars mate, but the Monara is shit hot! but let me guess. They are a bogan car? Ask anyone who works in the motor industry and they will tell you that the base 316 & 318 BMW are a joke! Motor magazine tested the M5 and the GTS The Nurburgring in 2000 and found dynamically the HSV was the better of the two. If you had the SS, then did some work to it & went 0.8 seconds faster around the track, then that my friend is an improvement. 300kw vp i will gladly race you around a circuit or tarmac rally event where 10 sec power means SFA. in a straight line (haha how american) you win. But still, aside from the M5 or a Merc, name another big car that can track better? They aren’t going to bag a Commodore & highlight it’s faults in a magazine named after that very car are they? HSV History: 1988 SV88 & VL GROUP A + 2000 VT II GTS + 2013 F-Series GTS. There had long been talk of the Holden Calais or a Fairmont Ghia ESP as local alternatives to a BMW 5-Series, but the SV5000 was the first Holden-based sedan to achieve the performance, luxury and elegance of a European muscle car. Page 4 of 8 – Has The New Commodore Changed Your View – posted in General Automotive Discussion: never raced my 33gtst, doubt i will. PhpR33 GTST 0-400 in 14.39 secondsAccording to Motor MagazineHolden VE Commodore SS-V 0-400 in 13. According to Motor MagazineHolden VE Commodore SS-V 0-400 in 13. Damn it i hate the rear end of the new hsv’s looks like they forgot to add proper tail lights, their tiny!! lol. And you got to admit the new GTS with the magna ride suspension and 300 KW for 75K, is pretty good value for money compared to any V8 BMW, V8 Merc. BMW x5 4.6is 20. Toyota Camry Sportivo 19. Ford Fairmont Ghia 18. Honda s2000 17. Mitsubishi Ralliart Magna 16. 8. Holden Monaro CV8 7. HSV GTS 6. Audi S3 5. Subaru Impreza WRX Sti 4. Mercedes-Benz e55 AMG 3. I don’t have the mag yet.

The Chevrolet Ss Pedigree

HSV GTS. It has 502hp so what the hell do you mean holdens have so little hp. Acceleration is 4.6sec and the car weighs about 2200-2500kg!!!!!!Err. Holden can only manage to squeeze 300kW out of the gen 3 V8 and its a massive 5.7 litres! For the asking price of a SS you could have a base model 4cyl BMW, a secondhand, grey import, no warranty R34, or a WRX (styling) if that turns you on. GT stripes are highly identifyable with the GT name, they couldnt bring back the GT without at least the option of stripes. As for the comment earlier in the thread about a Ford to put up against the HSV, well why bother, the 300kw hsv gts does a 0-100 in 6 seconds, if you compare this to a XR6 turbo who has 2 less cylinders and 60 less kw and does the same 0-100 sprint in 6. When I saw wheels or was it motor magazine, comparing a monaro to a merc that was just plain old stupidity. HSV is to Holden (Australian GH) what M is to BMW and AMG is to Mercedes. The December 2000 MOTOR Mag hays the folowing figures for their respective cars: Holden VX Commodore SS – 225Kw, 460Nm Torque, Six speed manual, 0-10. Look I was brought up a Holden man with HSV’s and Dad’s own engine rebuilds, but I discovered High tech machinery and now Dad’s converted too, got a Liberty GT and loves it! Mate even my integra’s embarrassed a passengerless CV8 with 2 mates in my car. The ls1 and ls2 v8’s are very well packaged designs. they’re small, light and make good power. they might have issues with reciprocating mass, but i still reckon they’re the mofo shit. Mercedes Benz AMG SL 55, or CL 55, or E 55 for that matter..take your pick and stop comparing it with the Holdens and Fords. Take your pick and stop comparing it with the Holdens and Fords. Letc compare the top of the line BMW 5L V10 engine (found in the M5) to that of the LS7 found in the zo6 (and soon to be in the HSV GTS range).

336kW/600Nm vs 370kW/640Nm and very similar weight (yes, the C63 is a porker). The 300kW is sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed torque converter automatic. 026. There are 4 Holden HSV VX GTS wheels for sale. This Holden Special Vehicles Coupe 2002 GTS has a powerful 5.7 litre engine. This AMG has had alot of time and money spent on it, and has only been serviced with the quality of pentire oils and genuine Mercedes filters. BMW M5 – HSVs are sold in the UK against these. Also M3, Audi S4, S3, S6 and S8, E55 Merc, Supercharged Jags, Focus Cosworth (?), Mini Cooper S, Renault Megane and Clio Sports and Clio V6, etc etc etc. It just couldnt keep up with the far better engineered chassis excellence of BMW and Mercedes. Get a copy of the last bang for your buck edition of Wheels or whatever – they give lap times of many Euros against SS/XR8 and 6s. HSV has never admitted it before, but we’re here to tell you the GTS has a speed limiter. This is history’s first genuine 265kph production Commodore – and it gets there easily. It would also mean that America has everybody beat. The engine itself makes Torque. the function horsepower is defined as HP Tq RPM/5252. Compare the peak revs of a base Gen II V8 with HSV’s 255 kw equivalent and then the 300 kW version, and you’ll see the rev relationship is no coincidence. BMW M5 9.09 8. Chevrolet Corvette Z06 8.83 8. Ford Falcon XR8 (AUS) 8.80 9. HSV GTS, SV300 etc (AUS) 8.77 10. I just saw the new TV ad for the new calais. where they are comparing it to the 550i (when the hell did they start making a 550i BTW?!) and if i remember correctly. The caprice had rather vague steering but thats no comparison as it is a MASSIVE car. dad will be getting a new GTS for a day soon so we’ll see how that goes. They based the VE off the E39, not the new 5 series after driving a new SS and GTS, they are as GazM3 says awsome fast road cars yes the ad’s shit me to tears on how they have to try and tear down bmw just to sell them, and now all my bogan holden mates think they might have a M5 or even a M3 beater. news to me. Got the new Motor (March 2007) today, there are some BMW v Merc v Audi V Holden shootout should be a good read. With that said, i dont mind the look of the coupe, but not a big fan of the w427does anyone know if the w427 is the same car as what the GTS-R concept vehicle was? Im not interested in whether an LS1,LS2 or LS7 ( or anything pushrod from GM for that matter ) is economical on fuel or not, they just arent anything earth shattering in my opinion, versatile or not, it just proves how narrow minded and lazy GM are, or how ignorant the Australian buying market are, in Europe i doubt one of these cars would get a 2nd look over a BMW or Audi in a similar price range that shits all over them in every category.

Commodore HSV Has Had A Blown V8 Good For 576HP/545lb-ft

Commodore HSV has had a blown V8 good for 576HP/545lb-ft 1

Ford of Australia has revealed a new Falcon-based limited edition, the Ford Performance Vehicle division’s most powerful sedan ever. Commodore HSV has had a blown V8 good for 576HP/545lb-ft. Australia’s Motoring has put together a little video on two of the great performance vehicles available down under – the Holden VF Commodore HSV GTS and the Ford Falcon FPV GT R-Spec. The Ford boasts a 5.0-liter, supercharged V8, which the Aussies measure out at 449 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. 6.2-liter, supercharged V8 is just too powerful 576 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque. As the guys from Motoring point out, the new VF Commodore is just too new and too good, with its extra power and its adaptive dampers (GM’s excellent MagnaRide). Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has revealed the lineup of its Gen.

Commodore HSV has had a blown V8 good for 576HP/545lb-ft 2Holden Trademarks HSV GTS-R Name Plate, Could Get ZR1 V8. Vauxhall to Debut New 576 HP Supercharged VXR8 GTS at Autosport Show. New Holden HSV GTS Maloo is Mad; Has 577 HP. Vauxhall to Debut New 576 HP Supercharged VXR8 GTS at Autosport Show. New Holden HSV GTS Maloo is Mad; Has 577 HP I love this ute.

A written-off HSV from Australia has been bought back from the dead with suspected stolen parts, say police. The blown Walkinshaw V8 under the bonnet of this HSV GTS makes it rare and desirable. I could make my barn cat VP of R&D and release better designs than Ford does these days. Okay. I have a 2004 F150, 4.6 liter V8 Triton engine. The truck has 141000 miles on it. Buy new Supercharged 1984 Ford F-150 F150 XLT in Wichita, Kansas, United States. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. 6.2-liter, supercharged V8 is just too powerful – 576 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque.


Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. 6.2-liter, supercharged V8 is just too powerful – 576 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque. Buy used Ford F-150 Supercharged, Pre-runner, BFG Projects, King Shocks, Detroit Locker in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, for US 14,000. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. 6.2-liter, supercharged V8 is just too powerful – 576 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. Console Lid, and Unique Body Color Front Bumper), 4D Crew Cab, and 5.4L V8 16V Supercharged.

Police Hunt Potent Zombie Commodore