I Just Got A Call Today From My Dermatologist That I Have HSV1 + 2

When i was 15 almost 16 i was diagnosed with herpes 2 1

According to your other answers I have read, unprotected sex between two married infected partners should not be a big concern. It’s the first time I’ve got herpes and my doctor prescribed famciclovir and penciclovir for 5 days. With today’s knowledge you have no chance to escape a herpetic infection through treatment. Once again, no pain just a sore-although I hate to call it a sore because it didn’t hurt. It went away in about 3-4 days. I apparently never had a herpes test in the past, and I didn’t know this. I never have had any herpes symptoms or outbreak, not even now. My husband does get occasional cold sores but we never thought it was herpes. Blood tests for herpes do have a place in specific clinical situations, but that’s for another post. How is this possible that I could have two negative HSV tests but still had that initial outbreak, that was tested by a dermatologist and deemed positive from a culture. I got all my testing done but noticed that I was +hsv1 igg, -hsv2 igg & -hsv 1/2 igm.

When i was 15 almost 16 i was diagnosed with herpes 2 2CALL US TODAY. (757) 622-6315. If you’ve ever had a cold sore or fever blister, you picked up the herpes simplex virus. But either HSV-1 or HSV-2 can cause a herpes sore on the face or genitals. Many people think that acne is just pimples. Call (503) 226-6678Westover Heights Clinic7140 SW Oleson Road PO BOX 427Portland, OR 97223. So 2 years later I went to my dermatologist to do a viral culture which came back negative. The majority of the people in the US have HSV 1 infection already and if you finally did test positive for HSV 1 by a better antibody test, you could not know if the infection was oral or genital, only that you had it. You got only one outbreak of blisters and the rest were little pimples? Most people get Type 2 infections following sexual contact with an infected person.

Herpes virus type 2 (HSV-2) most often causes genital herpes. However, sometimes HSV-2 is spread to the mouth during oral sex, causing oral herpes. Some people get mouth ulcers when they first come into contact with HSV-1 virus. The following remedies have been found effective in treating herpes infections:. Then the company cheerfully calls it 100 pure as the laws are very lax. I get herpes blisters on my lips from sun exposure, virus, or just stress. I have this random patch of HSV 1 on my eyebrow. I had been to my family doctor and several dermatologists, finally I met with a dermatologist who prescribed valtrex. About 2 years ago, I had my dentist call in a prescription when I had felt one coming on for a few hours ( the bump was forming ) not knowing what would happen. I got this when I had already had 2 crusty cold sores and just got rid of 1. The kicker happened today.

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Herpes virus type 2 (HSV-2) most often causes genital herpes. Some people get mouth ulcers when they first come into contact with HSV-1 virus. Clinical Dermatology. Call 911 for all medical emergencies. Create My Account. I got my blood work and she said it came back positive for the anitbodies. I went to see a dermatologist cuz my breakout wasnt there and I just wanted to be sure what it was, she looks at it and says its follicalitis. Twiddling my thumbs for two weeks, I still hadn’t received a call. OMG!!! The same thing happened to me this week!! The clinic did an exam told me I HAD herpes, gave me valtrex, (this all happened on Monday) then Thursday I went to my doc they drew blood and the results I got today said I DID NOT have herpes. Living with HSV1 is perfectly fine in my mind, but not in the minds of others. Today, there are really only two things that bother me about having an STD, and neither of them has to do with symptoms, discomfort, or health. I was tested and negative 2 years ago, I just got re-tested and my HSV-1 Igg cam back positive with a 39. Just about all my friends have had oral herpes, cold sores we all call them, as adults or as kids. I was just diagnosed with herpes today. 2. Does garlic supplements really work? 3. If my boyfriend doesnt get cold sores, does that increase my chance of it being Type 1 because my doctor told me that even if he doesnt get cold sores, he still has the virus in his body, everyone does you just need something to onset it. I never, ever share razors – my dermatologist speculates that this is how I may have contracted herpes to begin with – using my boyfriend’s cast off razor to clean up my bikini line. Neither of them got herpes. I contracted genital HSV1 in August 2003, and my initial outbreak has been the only one, as far as I am aware (and I have been checking myself very carefully since then!) 4. HSV-1 infection is ubiquitous, with 600,000 new cases developing each year. A new study suggests that some people may have a genetic predisposition to frequent cold sores. Today on WebMD.


I got a fairly large tattoo on my lower back, above my crack & found out after leaving my ex, 3 years later, that i have herpies in the area of my tattoo. Why Shortly after my 21st birthday i was having discomfort so i went to the e-room and was told i had a bacterial infection which ive had in the past but 2 days later a call came in that ive also tested positive for herpes i thought it was a bad dream an i was about to awake but nope no dream they asked for a number 4 me to give so they can call in acyclovir and a numbing gel. There are two types of herpes simplex virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2. I just got a call today from my dermatologist that I have HSV1 + 2. Also I have mild burning in my urethra the tip of my penis, and it seems to always be inflamed. At this point is is now about 3 months since my exposure, I have been to 2 dermatologists and 1 urologist, the Derms gave me different types of antibacterial, antifungal, and corticosteriod creams, and nothing seams to help. You could also call westover heights and have them mail u pcr swabs so u can swab urself when these symptoms come up to see if they are herpes or not. The only thing i have ever tested positive for is HSV1 and that was after 4 months and on the 3rd test, so i believe its a new infection. When used, DeJoria says in more than 90 percent of cases, it can either prevent a cold sore from coming all the way through or get rid of one in as little as two days. If you are looking for a treatment for cold sores that was formulated by a dermatologist with SuperBotanicals, try our Cold Sore Treatment Gel today from fine retailers such as Target.

Instructions: I didnt regularly get cold sores, maybe 3-5 a year, but when I got the they were HUGE right below my lip on the corner of my mouth. When I woke up my lip was a little swollen but my cold sore was only slightly visible. 2. use clean end of a qtip to drench area in nail polish remover. let dry and repeat another layer. So today I decided to forego the alcohol and try the tea bag thing – I have steeped and layed 4 hot (not boiling, but just slightly cooler than that) tea bags since about 6pm (and it ‘s 2am now).